Dharavi Slum Tour


Child playing in Dharavi

While the term “slum” calls to mind images of destitution, squalor, and suffering, a tour through Dharavi will show you a very different definition of “slum.” You’ll see what it means to be part of a busy, industrious community that strives to constantly improve and grow, and you’ll see the real streets that set the backdrop for Slum Dog Millionaire.

you will visit only by a residence of Slum and will be taken through the back alleys and main thoroughfares of Dharavi to see the small businesses, factories, and workshops that are the heart of the Plastic recycling, garment, leather   and baking industries of the city of Mumbai. You’ll see how residents of this city within a city live, how they work, and how they play, and you’ll be guided by someone who truly knows the place. Experience Dharavi as a local!

Priceing:  Group tour:  700 INR Per person  Duration : 2.5 hour

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Morning Tour,  Afternoon Tour and Evening Tour

Metting point: Mahim Railway Station/Junction west near the ticket booking office.

Dharavi slum tour with Lunch inside Dharavi in a family home!

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Mohammad is a wonderful tour guide. Very knowledgable about the local area and respectful at all times towards the local people.

He is a local man who lives in Dharavi and invited me to visit his home and family at the end of the tour. As a solo female traveller I felt completely safe at all times. The tour has dispelled all preconceptions I had about the Dharavi slum. Fascinating place to visit full of enterprises and wonderfully friendly local people. I have learnt so much about the industries and businesses within the slum.

I would 100% recommend a tour with Mohammad and look forward to returning with my family and friends so they can see the true side of the Dharavi slum.

Thank you for a great experience!

~Georgina., London

This tour with Mohammed was exactly what I was looking for. He is such a lovely and patient person. Mohammed waited for us at the station for an hour since we had taxi issues and still greeted us with a smile.

All the positive reviews from people online made the decision to book this tour easier. Because Mohammed is a local of Dharavi, he had a great relationship with the locals and me and my husband felt like we were welcomed by the lovely people.

Mohammed knew exactly what people want to experience during the tour and he knows Dharavi really well, we felt so safe and had such a great experience. This tour changed our views about Dharavi slum. We were so happy to see the hardworking and lovely residents of Dharavi. Would love to do the tour again with Mohammed in future

~Zarah., Australia