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While it is debatable to visit a slum as a tourist attraction, when you don’t know someone who is living there, it is the only chance to see the poor side of Mumbai up close and get a glimpse at the hardship the inhabitants suffer from day to day.

Without neglecting the terrible circumstances the people have to live in, Muhammad manages to guide you through some workshops and show you the other side of this slum: a place where a million people work hard to earn their living and keep their dignity despite all miserable conditions.

You learn a lot about the conditions that many of the goods we consume are made in, in a globalized world where we know everything about these conditions from the media, but never have seen it first hand. With Mohammed, you get to know some of these men (I haven’t seen any women working in any of the places he showed us), leaving a lasting impression and lots to think about.

He also knows about the bad consequences some kind of misery tourism could bring to his community, and tries his best to avoid it, guiding you sensibly through the place. That way, you never feel in the wrong place and gain an intimate and personal encounter with Mohammed and the people he introduces you to.

So avoid doing a tour in a big group with some established companies, and meet Mohammed instead and support him to finish his studies that his small enterprise allowed him to start. You won’t regret it!

~Rainer., U.S.A